1954 Chevrolet Pickup | Mothers Shine Awards

1954 Chevrolet Pickup 
Owner: David Pilgrim, Rockport, TX 
Builder: Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop, Gadsden, AL 

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Paint: PPG Black sprayed by Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop.

Engine/Drivetrain: Automotive Specialists-built Duramax Diesel, STS Quad compound turbo setup, 3 mechanical fuel pumps supply 37,000 lbs. of fuel pressure, Liberty air-shifted sequential 7-speed transmission, carbon fiber driveshaft, Ridetec triple adjustable shocks, C6 front suspension, 9” adjustable 4-link rear, two 30 gallon ice water tanks to feed the intercoolers.

Highlights: Dual purpose vehicle built for land speed racing and flying mile, stock body to meet Bonneville regulations, dual parachutes due to two stopping distances – one for street and one for salt flats. David’s dad bought the truck new and it remained in the family. He learned how to drive in it, first company car, 18 month build.