1951 Ford Coupe | Mothers Shine Awards

1951 Ford Coupe
Owner: Bruce Leven, Mercer Island, WA
Builders: Wicked Fabrications, Auburn, WA

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Paint: PPG Mercedes-Benz Blue Grey applied by Jon Byers of Byers Custom & Restoration.

Engine/Drivetrain: 353hp 1956 Lincoln 368ci, rare vintage fuel injection, Tremec five-speed, independent front and rear suspension, owner-designed rear end incorporating quick change, 1947 Novi IndyCar-styled cast magnesium wheels.

Highlights: Theme represents what a fifties Ford would look like if Ford of Europe competed with Lamborghini and Ferrari. Sectioned 5-1/2” front, 2-1/2” rear, roof pancaked 1-1/2”, rear fenders extended, wheelwells reshaped and radiused, handmade grille, grille shell and accompanying pieces, flush-mounted windows, European performance car-styled interior, independent exterior mounted gauges.